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Board of Directors


Retired Colonel Ross Poppenberger joined the Acronis SCSVets Board of Directors after recently retiring from a 31-year U.S. Army career. Ending his career as the Commanding Officer of U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, he brings a wealth of experience to the Acronis SCSVets Board through his diverse military background.

Poppenberger began his career as an enlisted Field Artillery soldier in the AZ Army National Guard. His Active Duty operational assignments include all aspects of Combat Engineering under the Army Corps of Engineers. Later in his career he transitioned into the Army Acquisition Corps where he lead Information Technology, sustainable expeditionary base camp development, and Missile Defense programs.

Poppenberger is dedicated to serving those who he has served with and dedicated to creating opportunities for military service members transitioning into the civilian world


Laura Geyer is the Director of Operations for Valor Global. Geyer is a motivated business leader with over 25 years of extensive leadership and management experience in finance, logistics, technology and BPO operations.

As a visionary behind company operations and strategies, she has led several projects focused on process improvements and efficiencies that are centered around Six Sigma methodology. Geyer has successfully led several projects over her leadership career, most recently assisting with government contracts and driving revenue results for the organization. Her expertise in Project Management has championed many Employee Engagement plans over the course of her career, and as an enthusiastic team player she enjoys leading, developing, and helping others grow in their careers. Geyer’s skills include system integration, strategic planning, network management and conflict resolution. She has worked with ACD phone systems, NICE, Etalk, CMS, Avaya, Zendesk, 3CX, MS Office Applications, Paychex, ADP, Cisco Salesforce and Peoplesoft.

Geyer is an altruistic individual who wants to help others and make an impact in her community. She is passionate about giving back to veterans, as her father is a former veteran who served in the US Air Force.

Geyer is an Arizona native who enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors enjoying the sunshine.


Ken Allen is the Care Operations Manager at Go Daddy, currently responsible for developing and leading team support agents and supervisors. Allen is a passionate business leader with over 18 years of experience who is focused on developing a culture of highly engaged leaders that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Allen has built a reputation for operational excellence, innovate strategic thinking, and strong commitment to both his clients and direct reports. Some of his most recent accomplishments include managing an organizational restructuring from a sales and support model to a complete support model and directly impacting Go Daddy’s worldwide results by decreasing the inbound support department’s average handle by1.5 minutes and the ASA by 5.7 minutes within 6 months.

His focus on professional development is proven with his successful efforts to create new career levels within individual job roles. Allen’s skills include project management, creating efficiency driven processes, leadership development, change management, network management, and system integrations.

Allen is a dedicated individual who is eager to apply his wisdom to a new endeavor as part of a Board of Directors. Outside of his professional life, Allen’s passions include giving back to the community, spending time with his three kids and two grandchildren, and helping new leaders grow and develop.

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