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“Cyber Squad Alpha” – Acronis SCSVets Class 001

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The mission of the Acronis SCSVets initiative is to narrow Arizona and America’s cyber workforce shortage by providing veterans, active duty military, and military spouses with the credentials, skills, and resources necessary to pursue a fulfilling career in cybersecurity.  This Monday at 0800 hrs., the initiative took its first step towards accomplishing that mission when the inaugural cohort of students – 15 veterans and service members from all backgrounds and walks of life – began their 12-week training course.

The program, which is zero cost to participants, provides top-notch, in-person training and certification for CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+, Windows 10, and Acronis products. As part of its commitment to placing participants in meaningful, self-sustaining careers (not just dead-end jobs), Acronis SCSVets also assigns a success coach to every student. These coaches connect students with academic advisors, social workers, and career counselors to ensure their success both inside and outside the program.

This comprehensive support system illustrates how public services, educational institutions, and private business can all work together to provide effective, sustainable workforce solutions for our veteran community. Acronis SCSVets is proud to partner with ASU’s Veterans Upward Bound, the Reveille Foundation, and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers to drive this initiative forward.

Visit us online for more information on how you can get involved. With 100% of donations going towards participant tuition, every contribution matters.

Acronis SCSVets class 1
Adam Weinstein from New Horizons Phoenix begins course orientation with class 001. Students were briefed on school policies, academic standards, testing processes, support programs, and were assisted with processing all academic and financial paperwork.
Acronis SCSVets Class 2
Students from class 001 introduce themselves and share why they chose the program. The course is set up to mirror military training processes and follow military customs such as naming the cohort and providing an end-of-the week safety brief.
Acronis SCSVets class 3
Retired Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Russel Carothers: “Class 001 aka Cyber Squad Alpha, remember, we have all been chosen to receive this opportunity because we all bring something to the table. Our success is the success of all our brothers and sisters who have come and gone before us. Remember your objective and help your brothers and sisters as they have all helped you. Be safe, phone a friend if you need someone to talk to, and now let’s go this work done!”